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John Duykers’ Studio focuses on cultivating the voices of collegiate, young professionals, and established vocalists.  His vocal exercises, repertoire, and teaching methods are all specifically structured to suit the needs of each individual student.

Offered at an extremely reasonable rate, these coachings provide a strong foundation upon which to further each student’s musical aspirations.


“John has taught me how to use my breath more effectively, and how to simply allow my vocal sound to be without manipulating it.  The fact that his own voice is still as strong as ever is the proof that his technique is sound and works.”



“I can honestly say that in less than a year of voice instruction with John, I saw myself grow both in my vocal technique and also in my artistry and performance skills far more than in any of my other years in undergrad.  John Duykers is a fantastic teacher, and I would recommend him to people from all walks of life, creeds, and voice types.”

Rishi Rane,  Tenor

“A colleague recommended I take a lesson with John Duykers after I expressed that I needed to work with a true technician.  Two years later, I am still happily absorbing his philosophies.  His idea of “free-singing” and us just simply being “sound machines” has completely transformed the manner in which I approach singing.  I am no longer hoarse after long singing engagements and I am learning that my voice is capable of things I never dreamed of!”


Natalie Moran,  Soprano

“John Duykers’ teaching is insightful and thought-provoking. He drops plenty of pearls of wisdom, but the thing I most appreciate: instead of telling me how to sing, he helps me find my own way by helping me think critically about what I am doing. I like the way my voice sounds and love the way it feels when working with John.”

Dory Schultz,  Tenor

“I first heard of John Duykers as a voice teacher when I complemented a colleague’s singing and asked who he was working with; he said, John Duykers, he’s a great teacher. I have been a professional singer for more than 20 years and have worked with many voice teachers and coaches, and I have found working with John to be the easiest and most natural approach to singing based on a clear understanding of technique and vocal pedagogy, as anyone I have worked with. It’s more about doing less than doing tricks. I would highly recommend John Duykers to any singer, beginners and old pros, alike.”

Charles Lane,  LA Master Chorale and LA Opera

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